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Thornton School Cyber Safety Agreement


These rules will help us to stay safe when using ICT at school

1. I cannot use school ICT equipment until my parent/s have signed my use agreement form (see Section C) and the completed form has been returned to school.
2. I can only use the computers and other ICT equipment for my schoolwork and only with my teacher’s permission.
3. I can only go online or use the internet at school when a teacher gives permission and an adult is present.
4. If there is something I’m not sure about I will ask my teacher.
5. I will not use the internet, email, mobile phones or any other ICT equipment to be mean, rude, or unkind about the other people.
6. I will not tell anyone my password.
7. If I find anything that upsets me, is mean or rude, or things I know are not acceptable at out school, I will:

• Not show others
• or turn off the screen and
• Get a teacher straight away

8. I must not bring any ICT equipment/devices to school without seeking permission from my parents and my teacher first. This includes thing like mobile phones, games, cameras, USB devices and software.
9. I will ask my teacher’s permission before I put any personal information online.
Personal information includes:
• Name
• Address
• Email address
• Phone numbers
• Photos
10. I will be careful and will look after all our school lCT equipment by:
• Not being silly and playing around with it
• Following our school cybersafety rules
• Telling a teacher about anything wrong or damaged
11. I understand that if I break the rules the school may need to tell my parents(s).

I have read Thornton School Cybersafety Use Agreement (full agreement under Policies and Procedures and Health and Safety) and am aware of the school's initiatives to maintain a cybersafe learning environment, including my child's responsibilities.

School Agreements

I give permission for my child's photograph to be used for our school website and app or in other publicity material

I give permission for my child to attend Religious Instruction - held on Tuesday during lunch time

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